Maritime & Transportation

The Best Admiralty Lawyers in the Business

aboutEach of the founding partners of CWL has been practicing maritime law for more than 30 years. Our San Francisco maritime attorney firm is known by clients and attorneys alike as one of the preeminent maritime law firms in the country, which may be why even the largest international law firms turn to us for assistance with their maritime law matters. Our San Francisco maritime attorneys are well versed in the nuanced U.S. admiralty laws as well as those applicable abroad. Our transactional practice includes representing clients with regard to vessel financing transactions, lawful avoidance of California use tax, bareboat and standard time charters, crew employment contracts,

Coast Guard safety regulation compliance, Coastwise compliance, environmental compliance, marine construction joint ventures, and many other topics.  You can read about our maritime litigation practice by clicking on our Civil Litigation tab.

Aviation Transactions

Over the years we’ve handled a wide variety of aircraft transactions and litigation. From helicopters to airplanes, we regularly assist private clients and small companies with the purchases and sales of private aircraft both in bulk and on an individual basis. With any breach of an aviation asset purchase agreement, we’re prepared to litigate our clients’ contractual rights.

Trucking and Automobiles

Our extensive marine cargo practice extends into the realm of common carrier trucking. We have represented trucking companies in litigation over Carmack Amendment limitation of liability and bill of lading issues. We have also represented cargo owners and their insurance carriers with respect to liability over cargo loss. Additionally, we have substantial experience litigating driver negligence claims, whether it pertains to truck drivers or private automobiles.