Trademark Protection

No matter what industry you’re in, whether it’s technology, transportation, retail or finance, your brand depends upon consumer recognition. If you don’t have a creative logo, catch-phrase, or packaging for your products and services that allows you to be distinguished from your competitors, you’ll lose out on critical market share. That’s why our clients work hard to develop enforceable trademarks and we work hard to protect them from being improperly used by competitors. Our San Francisco trademark attorneys counsel you on how to develop a trademark that is likely to be accepted and registered by the US Patent and Trademark Office so that you don’t waste resources developing trademarks that are not enforceable or that infringe on existing registered marks. We’ll also file your application to have the trademark registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office for protection under federal law. We can also help you seek international protection by taking advantage of international intellectual property treaties. If the need arises, our San Francisco trademark attorneys will prosecute and defend your trademark rights through litigation. When it comes to developing the face of your brand and showcasing it through your products and advertising, our San Francisco trademark attorneys are here to make sure your brand is fully protected.